Which Comes First, the Change or the Insight?

Milton Erickson - Insight to change

Quotes are a great shortcut into a person’s mind. Here’s a quick glimpse into mine. So maybe you can guess where I stand on the question of insight versus action.

Quotes are a great shortcut into a person’s mind. Read a selection of the thoughts and ideas they value, and you have a summary of how they think; which concepts and values guide them day-by-day, hour-by-hour. Here’s a quick glimpse into my own reality.

Milton Erickson said, “Change will lead to insight far more often than insight will lead to change.” And who was this Erickson guy? An American psychiatrist and hypnotist who specialized in family therapy. In his practice he saw a lot of change come and go. And he knew that insights are knowing where the accelerator pedal and gear shift are, but action, making things happen, is grabbing the shift lever, throwing it into gear, and stomping the gas.

New insights will change your world view. But new actions will change where you are in your world.

Now go reread your collection of favorite quotes. What’s their main theme, their mood and promise? Pessimistic and cynical or glowing and uplifting. What do  they say about you?
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Don’t Feed the Wild Fears

Look, we’ve both read a lot of books, right? Self-help, motivation, and so forth. In fact, if you’re like me, you’ve even made it a permanent sub-set of your lifestyle. So we read books. We attend seminars. We expose ourselves to all kinds of positive, uplifting input. And the advice we find there often comes down to some version of “Just Do It.” Well, that does sound logical. Simple, even. But isn’t it a shame how poorly that advice works out in real life?

How often, when you’re facing a big, difficult, daunting task, are you able to “just do it” and be confident going in that you’ve got it covered? If it’s less than 50%, then maybe we need to consider some kind of change in strategies.

Addicted to Technology

Today’s guest article, written by long-time friend Peter Vajda,  takes a close, careful look at the hair trigger we’ve all developed – a hair trigger that responds instantly, unquestioningly to all forms of electronic communication. You know what I’m talking about. You’re sitting with friends enjoying a leisurely dinner and your phone rings (chimes, plays, sings, announces, barks, or whatever your ringtone is), and you go, “Oh, excuse me. I have to take this … hello?”

Same with email coming in, facebook notifications and all the rest. It’s become an instant, kneejerk reaction.

Persistence vs. an Ugly Voice from the Past

Persistence is a crucial trait.

And it’s this quality that keeps you going through everything. But sometimes flashbacks can get in the way of persistence.

Flashbacks? Yeah, you know – ideas, voices or mental pictures from out of your past. Stuff that rises up out of the back of your mind to haunt you – undermine your determination. And that’s exactly what happened to me a few years back.

A Long, Barren Winter’s End

We enter, each year, a season of autumn when the beauty and lush growth of summer begin shutting down, preparing us for the austerity and cold of wintertime.

Just as the leaves of summer fall to earth and the trees appear to die, so it also happens with the human spiritual climate. We see much of the plenty around us wither and fall away, and we, as a race, prepare ourselves for yet another centuries-long winter of the soul. It is a season when many things drop away and leave our landscape barren. But out of this falling away, many new things will eventually be born.

When Life Has Scarred You

Whatever You’ve Got, Be Glad of it

The old proverb goes, “Into every life a little rain must fall.” And I always thought – a little?!! You ain’t been payin’ attention here. Most of us can manage to get through the bad times, but we don’t have to like it, right? And we ain’t forgetting the struggle – that memory stays with us. And stays.

On the other hand, some few people always seem to come out the other side of turmoil with their peace, their equanimity, still intact. How do they do that?

How to Manage Your Moods Starting Now

Driving Your Own Emotions

Sure, we all have emotions. Some are happy type feelings and others are sad. We all know about that (only too well in most cases). But what about all those emotions. We enjoy the good ones and don’t enjoy the crappy ones, but what’re you gonna do? Sometimes you just can’t help feeling how you feel, right? Well, here’s a heads-up.

To Err

To Err Is Humor To Forgive Gets No Laughs

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