By Skype or by Conference Call

Each week we’ll hold one or more classes, some by Skype and some by Conference Call, to examine the principles involved in permanent personal change.

In these sessions we look closely at how you can make deliberate, intended changes in your life and then how to get those changes to stay with you.

Some of our topics in the future will be single, one-shot calls that stand alone. But most of our classes, including the current set, will be designed as clusters of topics around a central theme, forming a series, and taking place once each week over a period of 12 weeks or more.

Our current topic is “The Real-Change Kit”

Click here for the Real-Change Kit recordings

Week 1 – Rapid Hypnosis that Works
Getting into hypnosis (including self hypnosis) doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process. It can take mere minutes, even seconds.
Week 2 – Reaching the Quiet at Your Core
Most people who practice hypnosis, meditation and other mind disciplines say a busy, noisy mind is their biggest obstacle. Finding your inner core of silence can fast-track the results you seek.
Week 3 – What Makes Healing Happen?
At the heart of every healing method I’ve ever studied there appears to be a single, universal healing protocol. If you’ve had problems finding a healing technique that works for you, maybe you just need to custom-craft one that fits you better.
Week 4 – Importing Talents and Abilities
All the star performers are ready to share their brilliance with you endlessly – and without even knowing they’re doing it.
Week 5 – Ever Been Addicted?
We’ll take a long, deep look at habits, addictions and compulsions, and we’ll cover what you (quite realistically) can do about changing them.
Week 6 – 12-Strand DNA Activation
Our first two DNA strands are physical, and they’re a given. But all additional strands linking us to our higher spiritual potentials – those are non-physical, and the only way to them is straight through your imagination.
Week 7 – Making Solid, Unshakable Decisions
Decisions that produce real change are rarer than we like to admit (New Year’s resolutions, anyone?). But there are ways to make firm decisions – rock solid resolutions – that sweep us forward to the results we intend and desire.
Week 8 – Class Completed, Sound Files Being Processed
Self Sabotage?
Do our minds really work against us, sabotaging our best efforts? Or have we simply never learned how to communicate with our most opaque neighbor… our own self? In this session we’ll examine what self-sabotage really is, and how to use it to rocket us to our objectives.
Week 9 – Class Completed, Sound Files Being Processed
Custom-Building Your Beliefs
If you’re still struggling to believe you have greater abilities, or that the Universe offers vastly more possibilities, then end the struggle. With a few simple techniques, you can select and choose the exact new beliefs that serve you better.
Week 10 – Coming
Commandeer the Good Luck Machine
Luck is a myth. There is no such thing as luck, either good or bad. On the other hand, if you dare, there is something that works more dependably and is far more versatile. Learn how you can be the one everybody calls “lucky”.
Week 11 – Coming 
Making Your Hypnosis Work for YOURSELF
Ever wonder why the self-hypnosis and other self-help work you do always works great for other people but then somehow loses its power just as you turn it toward your own problems? Now, start getting real, honest-to-gosh predictable results that you can depend on.
Week 12 – Still More
Relapse Prevention Training
Sometimes making changes in your life can look so simple and easy. You decide to work out more, or stop smoking or lose 5 pounds, and you make a great start… but then, three hours later…   If you’d like to be able to improve things in your life and have them stay improved (for a change), then this is the class for you.

Click here for the Real-Change Kit recordings

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