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Johan Mok

– Joint Ventures: How to Build Your Wealth on Others’ Successes

I’d never met Johan Mok – he was just one of several thousand subscribers – but he began emailing me with some insightful suggestions on how to improve my website and business. And it was free advice, he never asked for anything in return.

About this same time, I signed up to attend one of the big Internet seminars. At no extra charge they gave a free second admission ticket. Now, I hate to see things go to waste, so I asked Johan if he wanted it. He did.

And over the course of that three-day event, I never did see Johan attend a single one of the lectures. Instead, he’d be out in a hallway or off in a coffee shop, talking earnestly with one attendee after another… after another… after another. It looked like he, over the course of the event, got to know most of the people there.

This puzzled me, so later I asked him about it. His response: “Everything the speakers presented – I can get that on the Internet at my leisure. But where there are people that you can meet face-to-face, there is huge opportunity. I got to know more than a hundred new potential business partners personally.”

At that seminar, I learned less from the 12 lecturers than I did from watching Johan go out and meet people. That was genuine networking in action.

In this interview, Johan and I talk about joint ventures. How to find them, how to arrange them, and how to make sure everybody involved makes money. If you really pay attention to what Johan is saying here, it can massively change how your business makes its profits.

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