Interview – John Harricharan

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John Harricharan

You’d think that this award winning author and entrepreneur has received more than his share of hard knocks and bad luck. And yet, he has an uncanny knack for landing on his feet, forming lifelong friendships with some of the world’s most famous people, and creating pure gold from whatever life hands him. You’ll find out ….

  • How to put a different spin on the way you do business, and open doors you never even imagined
  • The REAL reason honesty in business is crucial
  • What to do with that one special idea that won’t let you go
  • How we can stop using the laws of attraction and repulsion to our DISadvantage (and start using them for our benefit)
  • The $5 I gave away that became $20 in my pocket – within 15 minutes – and what that experience taught me
  • The one secret element you must add to your affirmations or prayers to jump-start their power
  • Why the world prefers to thank you with money – if you inject one magical ingredient into your products and services
  • My five-second cure for guilt, and it works forever

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