Interview – Linda Clemons

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Linda Clemons

Motivator, radio talk-show host, playwright and lecturer, Linda has consistently found big luck can easily squeak through the tiniest openings. She tells how she turns those seemingly insignificant experiences into blazing, amazing opportunities.

  • How to construct success and build good luck out of whatever you have around you now
  • The secret of BEING a millionaire – even if the money hasn’t quite arrived yet
  • How, as an 8-year-old, I turned an abandoned pear tree into a private goldmine
  • How helping a friend accidentally got me a radio talk show
  • How I get fabulous ideas to pick me as their sponsor
  • The day I turned a tiny, 3-minute error into a meeting with Oprah
  • How to awaken your own sense of destiny – and find greatness
  • The door of opportunity will open if you knock, but there’ll be nothing behind the door – unless you do this one simple thing first

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