Interview – Robert Scheinfeld

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Robert Scheinfeld

This best-selling author, consultant and lecturer tells how to get in touch with your “Inner CEO.” He did this and seven years of constant business reversals disappeared within a few months.

  • The secret my grandfather used to start up a $10 billion company
  • How I used the same secret to become a millionaire by age 31
  • The invisible network – you are already a member, but you may not know how to use it
  • The partnership you’re already in – and how it could make you rich beyond your wildest dreams
  • The key to “breaking through the noise” of your own thoughts and sending effective requests into the universe
  • My action-list method for transforming an unsatisfactory life and putting it on more satisfying footing
  • Why the origin of your problem is the least important issue you face
  • Why you’re not screwing up, even if you’re up to your ears in difficulties

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