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If We Get What We Focus on, Then …

Focus on the Good

Photo by Susan Minarik

Our world is awash in problems and while some of them are getting the attention they need, others are being ignored in favor of … contrived … issues. And this situation is irritating a growing number of people.

One of the steadiest people I know is long-time friend Susan Minarik. She runs the “Positive Living Now” blog where she focuses on what makes people happy and how we can put that information to use in practical, daily life.

The Teacher Appears

Lessons in the Dirt

You’ve heard it hundreds of times – when the student is finally ready, the teacher is going to show up and set things right… maybe lead you triumphantly into the promised land.

But have you ever had a teacher come tapping on your shoulder, ready and eager to reveal to you all the secrets of the ages?