Monthly Archives: May 2015

The Teacher Appears

Lessons in the Dirt

You’ve heard it hundreds of times – when the student is finally ready, the teacher is going to show up and set things right… maybe lead you triumphantly into the promised land.

But have you ever had a teacher come tapping on your shoulder, ready and eager to reveal to you all the secrets of the ages?

Agenda Item 3: Save the World

Giant-Size Bites

Denny was always choking himself at our school lunch table. You’ve heard of biting off more than you can chew? Not Denny. I never saw him chew.

He’d bite off more than he could swallow. At least twice a day he’d shovel in too much and we’d see him stop, his eyes watering, while he strained to get it all down. In the four years I knew him, Denny never learned to take smaller bites.

Depression Is a Volunteer Activity

De-Mystifying Moods

I was feeling great that day, so naturally I decided to screw it up. Feeling happy was not a common thing for me. In fact, I spent a LOT of time depressed from the age of 15 till I was around 30. After that I mellowed out a bit, and how that happened is a story.

When you can’t seem to control your own moods, you tend to look either for relief or for answers. I opted for answers, and where I looked was in positive thinking books.