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How to Become a Ten

High Achievers Do it Differently

Pick any office. Go in, watch the workers for a while, and track how much gets done by each individual.

A few will never seem to get around to anything, unless forced to. Most of the employees will do what’s placed in front of them, and not much more. But a select few will quickly get their job done, do it superbly, then jump to do more. They’re the self starters.

The Trick to Riches

Causing Wealth to Happen to You

When you daydream about being vastly rich, how do you see that money coming to you? Is it just mysteriously there, right in your hand, ready to spend and spend and spend? Or maybe the only way you can imagine getting riches is by winning the lottery?

More than 8,000 millionaires dot the fiscal map of the United States alone. And 90% of them started out with essentially nothing. They got theirs the old-fashioned way … they earned it all. Of course, many of the industries they rode to riches are not old-fashioned, but that’s a different matter.