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Everything ALWAYS Works Right

Failing Takes a Lot of Effort

“Son,” my Dad would say, “You could screw up a one-man funeral.” I don’t know how many thousands of times my father told me that while I was growing up, but it soaked in pretty deeply.

By the time I reached adulthood, I was convinced; nothing would ever work right for me; if there was a way to mess things up, I’d always find it. That was just a fact of my existence: I was a screwup.

How Money Became a Sin

Why Do They Say Those Awful Things About Money?

Been hearing it all my life — “The love of money is the root of all evil”.

It’s in the holy scriptures, right? Of course, many teachers and gurus make a big deal of this, explaining the distinction that “It’s not money that’s evil, it’s the LOVE of money.”

Well, here’s the thing. Long before there was money (OR the love of money), evil reared its ugly head when the Angel Lucifer led a rebellion in heaven. (At least, that’s the Judeo-Christian version of the story.)