93 Year Old Body Builder

Dr. Charles Eugster, back in 2012, gave a TEDx talk in Zurich on the importance of body building. He was 93 at the time. In that presentation, he told about his experience when he was a much younger 85. It seems he looked in the mirror and didn’t like what he saw.

Of course, sooner or later everybody does that, young and old alike. And most folks don’t do much about it (except to stop looking in the mirror so often). But on that particular day, Eugster decided to change what he was seeing.

He took up body building. And track and field sprinting. And rowing.

He had spent his career as a dentist, then retired and settled down to enjoy an easy life. But he apparently still liked new experiences because when he reached that decisive age of 85 he moved Uitikon, Switzerland, and it was there that he began his fitness program.

In this TEDx talk, the Doctor demonstrates that he is definitely NOT a senile old geezer.


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