A Better Neighborhood

Protection or Prevention?

Let’s talk about this idea of projecting a circle or a sphere of protection around ourselves to keep ourselves safe.

Most spiritual instructors teach that we absolutely need some kind of protection to keep us from being dangerously exposed and helpless. And in many ways they’re absolutely right. The everyday world we live in actually is teeming with hazards and negative influences, and under those circumstances, it only makes sense to wrap ourselves in a glowing aura of positivity.

The most common ways to keep ourselves safe involve imagining a huge glowing cocoon of clean, pure light enclosing us and repelling anything — any situation or person or energy or entity — that would cause us harm.

And if your life is typical, there will always be unexpected stuff flying around, ranging from something as common as an angry or careless passerby to something truly devastating like a major disaster. Stuff just happens, and we would rather it not happen near us.

But it does happen, and we want it to stop.

Now, many different techniques are being taught that can do the job of protecting you. It matters very little which method or ritual you use. What is important is how strong and clear your intention is. With the right intention and expectation, just about any technique will be effective.

So if you don’t currently use protection, I urge you to start. It’s just a smart idea.

At the same time however, I have three questions for you. And it’s important that you actually think about your answers.

Question 1. What if we are misinterpreting a positive situation and falsely identifying it as negative?

Question 2. What if our protection is so effective that we are shielded from all negative experiences and thus never grow, never become mature spiritually, psychologically and socially?

Question 3. What if we stopped thinking of how vulnerable we are — stopped thinking in terms of attacks and protection — and instead we raised our spiritual vibration level so much that we rise into a “safer neighborhood” where attacks just don’t happen?

I’m not going to discuss these three questions. I’m leaving that for you to do because they are extremely important. So please give me your feedback.

Consider some of the ways you already know to raise your level of energy and awareness into a whole new “neighborhood”. Into a level where the energy spikes and emotional arrows from angry or sad or confused people just can’t reach you. You become transparent to all that stuff, and it just passes right through without touching you.

When you do that – and I suggest that you already know a lot more about this than you give yourself credit for – but when you do it, it’s like you’re tuning your radio receiver to a station at the highest end of the band, and the signals down at the other end just don’t register any more.

Play around with this for a couple of weeks and let me know your results.