Bold New Confidence

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An amazing number of people suffer from what’s called the “imposter syndrome.” Because of it, they feel they are drastically underqualified for whatever roles they’re filling in life, and are usually convinced that they will never, ever measure up.

They are most often a smart and successful person, admired in their profession. But the “imposter” always feels like everything’s a pretense, a mask they wear, and that any moment now, somebody is going to see through them and realize what an inept, incompetent bumbler they really are.

If this describes your own struggles, here’s a recording to help you stop that fear and build up your proper sense of self worth:


Of course, you’ll need to actually listen to this recording regularly and consistently. Since self-image issues (such as seeing yourself as a phony) have been deeply ingrained over time, it’ll take time to un-grain them and substitute something new. For that reason, I suggest you listen to the recording morning and evening for at least three or four months. More if you find you need it.

In any case, it’s time you discovered how to see yourself as the same smart, capable person that others see (and no, they’re not mistaken).

Good luck with this, and I wish for you the ability to accept and enjoy your successes for the rest of your days.

Cheers from sunny Japan,