Building Persistence

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When we set out to improve ourselves, we usually start with a big burst of enthusiasm and energy. But the energy often doesn’t last. This pattern is so common that everybody jokes about all the New Year’s resolutions that never make it to February.

A lack of persistence is perhaps the most common weakness in any self-help program.

Since hypnosis is a good tool for changing our habits and our behavior, why not use it to develop more persistence? With that in mind, here’s a recorded session that can help you do just that. And of course, using a bit of persistence in listening to the recording is a good idea, too.


When we tackle a project such as mastering self hypnosis for example, we’re likely to encounter this same kind of fading resolve. For most people, that’s just the way it happens. We select an old habit we want to stop (or a new one to start), and although we dive right in, after a few days or weeks, our efforts grow sporadic. We miss days, and – worse – we often don’t even realize it.

Well, I got tired of doing that to myself, so I worked up a very simple way to see whether or not I’m keeping up my efforts. It doesn’t require any high tech software or multivariate sampling mathematics. It’s just a small page with one cell for each day of the year – a calendar – on which I simply draw a dot each time I do a hypnosis session.

Below is a sample from back in 2011. On the left is the blank calendar, and on the right is what that calendar looked like by the end of the year.

Hypnosis Calendar for PersistenceIt’s easy to see when I missed a session, even more obvious when I missed an entire day, and a lapsed week left a very noticeable hole indeed.

How I Use It

In my case, I don’t like full-sized sheets of paper lying around on my desk. Anything that goes horizontal on my workspace will soon get buried and forgotten, so I trimmed the calendar down, put it on a half-size clipboard and hung it on the side of my computer. That way, it’s visible and never gets covered over.

As you can see, there were periods when I wasn’t working on anything in particular, but when I did have a project going, I was pretty consistent (mainly because I’ve come to dislike those blank spaces.

If you’d like to try this with any of your own self-help projects, CLICK HERE to download the same form I use. It’s a Word template document containing a calendar for the rest of 2014, all of next year, 2015, and a blank calendar that you can fill in yourself for any future projects you’re planning. Download it, print it out, and use it. See if you don’t find persistence easier when you can see it.

Cheers from sunny Japan,