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Synthesizing New Strengths

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Create confidence out of thin air? We’ve all seen people who seem to ‘ooze’ confidence – they act as though they don’t even know how to doubt themselves. Most of us, however seem more intent on not failing than in pursuing big, booming successes. Sit through this seminar, and you may never think of confidence in quite the same way again.

Friday the 13th Good Luck Teleseminar

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One-Hour-plus Teleseminar Recording 

One Friday the 13th a few years back I held a teleseminar for a small private group on how to engineer your own good luck. This session is titled “If You So Choose”. Here’s a recording of that phone call.

How To Use The ‘ASSERT’ System

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One Hour Teleseminar Recording

Get more of what you want. This method, the ASSERT System enables you to take the first faint stirrings of your dreams and goals and to nurture them, step by step, to a powerful presence in your own mind. Once your dreams are real in your mind they then – and only then – become real in the Universe around you.

– 65 min




Bold New Confidence

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An amazing number of people suffer from what’s called the “imposter syndrome.” Because of it, they feel they are drastically underqualified for whatever roles they’re filling in life, and are usually convinced that they will never, ever measure up.

They are most often a smart and successful person, admired in their profession. But the “imposter” always feels like everything’s a pretense, a mask they wear, and that any moment now, somebody is going to see through them and realize what an inept, incompetent bumbler they really are.

If this describes your own struggles, here’s a recording to help you stop that fear and build up your proper sense of self worth:

Building Persistence

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When we set out to improve ourselves, we usually start with a big burst of enthusiasm and energy. But the energy often doesn’t last. This pattern is so common that everybody jokes about all the New Year’s resolutions that never make it to February.

A lack of persistence is perhaps the most common weakness in any self-help program.

Since hypnosis is a good tool for changing our habits and our behavior, why not use it to develop more persistence? With that in mind, here’s a recorded session that can help you do just that. And of course, using a bit of persistence in listening to the recording is a good idea, too.

Relaxing – the Forgotten Skill

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Almost everything we do is habit based. Maybe you know somebody who likes to sleep late. If so, then they probably do it often. In other words, it’s a habit they’ve cultivated. Of course, early risers are exactly the same… rising before the sun comes up is a habit too (although at first glance this habit looks like it’s the opposite).

Another common habit is being tense all the time. Fortunately, since it’s only a habit, it’s not all that hard to change. If you find yourself being tense a lot, and you’d like to re-train that habit, you can end up with the ability to relax at will – anywhere, anytime.