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On the Preacher Bench

I had decided to walk to the gym that day, and by the time I got there of course it was raining. Hard. I keep a beat-up old fold-away umbrella in my gym bag, but I never use it because, well, real men just don’t use umbrellas. But what the hell, it was a cold, cutting November rain and I was drowning here.

Anyway, when I got there my pant legs and sleeves were soaked through, and the back of my jacket and shirt felt clingy and cold. Don’t you hate that feeling? I mean, why don’t they make umbrellas longer in back or something?

How to Accept Yourself in 4 Easy Steps

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If We Get What We Focus on, Then …

Focus on the Good

Photo by Susan Minarik

Our world is awash in problems and while some of them are getting the attention they need, others are being ignored in favor of … contrived … issues. And this situation is irritating a growing number of people.

One of the steadiest people I know is long-time friend Susan Minarik. She runs the “Positive Living Now” blog where she focuses on what makes people happy and how we can put that information to use in practical, daily life.