Goals that Won’t Die on You

Want a couple of simple hints that could help you inject real long-staying power into your projects and goals?

Hint 1

Have a moveable goal. Often I see people achieve their long-held objective, but soon afterward, all forward progress stops. Example – right up the street are two different coffee shops that closed very soon after they opened. My educated guess is that their goal was something like, “I open my own coffee shop, I open my own coffee shop.”

Once they finally opened their shop, the Law of Attraction’s job was finished. Nothing left to achieve, so things just died back down to nothing.

This means, anytime you have a goal, make sure that achieving it leads you directly to other things you want to be, have and do. In other words, your goal needs to have the depth that will carry you forward into the next step and the next.

Example – if you want a new car, be sure to imagine all the fun things, useful things and even profitable things you’ll be doing with that car. Think about how long your car will remain in good shape, costing you little or nothing for repairs. Have a moveable goal that may even be several years deep.

Hint 2

The Law of Attraction fastens onto the pictures in our minds and the words we say. But it’s influenced FAR more strongly by the overall, general trend of what we’re FEELING on an everyday basis.

Here’s a little double-barreled trick I learned several years ago:

Barrel 1.

Your posture and body language have an immediate and powerful impact on how you feel about yourself and about your goals. Watch any sport and pay attention to a winner’s moves just after scoring a point or winning a game. Then go to google and look up success body language. There, you’ll find recommendations like “stand up straight, spread your arms wide and put your chest out with your chin up.” As silly and trivial as it sounds, just doing that one thing – acting out the motions of joy – several times a day can gradually change your whole attitude toward life.

Barrel 2.

Practice feeling good. It’s not only important to feel good about achieving your goals, though that’s important. The biggest factor is your overall “frequency,” the average level of your feelings day-in and day-out.

But it’s hard to just sit down and make yourself feel good, starting from scratch. So here’s a good, highly effective work-around using YouTube. If you like animals, go watch cute and funny animal videos. Love children? Just find all the cuddly, loveable kid videos you can find and watch the heck out of them.

Whatever fires you up, soon you’ll notice you’re being filled with surges of joy, happiness and warmth. Especially if you imagine projecting yourself into the situation, feeling what they feel.

That joy? That’s the frequency you’re looking for. Cultivate it. Wallow in it. Any action, feeling or thought, if repeated often enough, becomes a firm habit and takes over as the new driving force in your life. So repeat joy, repeat it a lot; repeat warmth and happiness, even if you’re only sharing somebody else’s. That’ll get you there, and it’s free. Good places to find these feelings is in books or movies that inspire you and move you deeply.

The best part is, anytime you have that positive feeling strong within you, any goal you think about then becomes automatically energized and powered up to come straight to you. (This is the magical part – the secret – of the LOA formula that most folks just gloss over because they’re busy doing “more useful” things like affirmations and visualizations.)

Hope this helps, and I wish you all the best luck in the world.

Cheers from sunny Japan,

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