It’s Not God Saying No

Why Some Receive & Some Don’t

Does the Universe tell you “no” a lot? Ever get the feeling that it looks at what you’re doing and says, “No, you’re not ready to handle that.” Or maybe the feeling is more like, “That’s an unworthy goal, so I won’t let you have it.” Then again, maybe it’s your own thoughts and they’re saying, “Okay, I’ve tried and I’ve tried, but it’s just not working; guess I’m not meant to have this.”

Well, here’s some plain talk, so listen up. The Universe loves us limitlessly, unconditionally, unreservedly, so it gives us whatever we ask for. At the same time, however, have you ever noticed that some people seem to get whatever they ask for, while others get almost none of it? Even if the things they want are harmful to themselves or others. There’s a reason for that. Some people – those who mostly get what they want – know how to receive.

The Universe doesn’t give a rat sass what you’re requesting. It simply gives it to you … but there’s one condition. Will you reach out your hand and accept it when it’s delivered? When you do Law of Attraction work and ask for that new romance, or a windfall of riches, or a beautiful new home on the lake, will you take it? Or will you start hedging, hemming and hawing? Maybe I’m not yet good enough to have something this wonderful. Maybe it’ll make my friends jealous. I’d probably have to pay more taxes. And that new lover won’t really be as nice as he/she seems. After all, there’s always a catch; there’s no such thing as a really sweet deal.

Or maybe you won’t even recognize the gift when it comes. They say that with all success and most luck some assembly is required.

  • That gorgeous new house, does it arrive in the form of a fixer-upper?
  • Does the new romantic interest look substantially different from what you’ve been imagining (because you’ve been concentrating on outward appearances rather than inner beauty – or vice versa)?
  • And if you don’t win the lottery (yet again), but you ignore the offer of shares in an exciting new startup company – if that happens, will you even notice as this latest ship sails off without you?

So, you’re not convinced yet, are you? Surely the Universe, or The Source, or God, or Ultimate Mind must have some preferences regarding what we ask for. Surely, if it sees that you would be overpowered by the latest bounty you’ve requested, it tells you no, right?

Evidence says it doesn’t happen that way. It appears that the Universe really doesn’t care. I mean, think about it for a second. We’ve all seen instances where selfish, grasping, mean-spirited people thrive. And they keep on doing so for years.

No, it’s not the Universe saying no, and it’s not God (no matter how much we’re loved). I suggest we consider a different possibility – that it’s our own selves holding us back, keeping us from the “good stuff” we say we want. We’d already have it if it weren’t for our own reluctance and guilt.

History is filled with good examples of harsh people who dominated their world, dominated it to the point that today many scholars consider them great men.

Take Alexander “the Great” for instance. He took the throne at age 20 and lived to the ripe old age of 32, spreading war, conquest, pillaging and death. Now, Alex, as a conqueror, basically rode through the lands with his vast army (just a giant gang, really) killing and taking cities and countries. He seized by force anything that others owned, which made him just a large-scale gangster – a thug.

But he changed the direction of the world’s history during his brief twelve-year reign. Oh, and he never lost a battle. Not one. Surely all of that was a blessing from … God … ?

If you’d like a bit more information on the life of this grasping, grisly and narcissistic man, you’ll find a quick overview at

While you’re there maybe you’d also be interested in how generous the Universe was with Gengis Khan, another man who sowed tremendous upheaval.

Or Attila the Hun

Or the centuries-long history of the Crusades

And closer to our own times, take Thomas Edison and even Henry Ford, two more examples of “winners” who weren’t nice people at all.

“But,” I can hear you saying, “Aren’t there always consequences arising from our own actions?” Oh, absolutely. But more accurately, we should say those consequences are caused by our thoughts and feelings about our actions.

  • Take John as an example. He fears money, so he receives very little of it. He also gets a chance to enjoy worry and ulcers, a lifetime of unpaid bills, small, cramped living quarters and disappointment in himself.
  • Katy “knows” that men are insincere bastards, so she struggles through an unending string of broken relationships and loneliness.
  • Michael’s long-standing experience proves to him that employees have little to no initiative. He’s caught up in day after day of micro managing his people just so he can keep his business afloat. He knows nobody likes him but he can’t imagine why. He’s just trying to help them.

And so on.

The lesson to take away from this is, you’ll never suffer because of what you do or what you think. You’ll only suffer when there’s a clash – a serious mismatch – between what you do and what you think.

The world conqueror may be a very bad man in your eyes and mine. But that’s not what controls his results. It’s what HE thinks about himself and his actions that determine the outcome.

Oh, and this doesn’t mean we should feel free to ride roughshod over others. It’s true that the Universe won’t punish us for this. But it WILL bring us what we’re thinking and feeling about what we’re doing, and that will probably feel very much like punishment.

A MUCH easier path is to stick to what’s called the positives: kindness, generosity, gentleness. The things we’re certain we won’t feel guilty about.

Then, as we move forward, if we find that we’ve got guilty feelings about money, or happiness, or comfort, or – God forbid – romance and sex, then it’s time to re-tune the stuff going on in our head. It’s not that hard to do, by the way. Hypnosis can take you a long way in that direction. So can EFT and NLP and even coaching.

So although the Universe couldn’t care less what it gives to us, it WILL give to us. Unstoppably.

But only if we let the Universe control what it controls while we take responsibility for what WE can control.  Yes, everything we ask for has a consequence – a price – but what nobody told us is, that price is almost always set by us, ourselves.

Okay then,  you ready to practice reaching out your hand and receiving what you’ve asked for?   Cool …

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