Nature Abhors a Vacuum (and So Do Bloggers)

Speak to Me.

So there I was, talking away into thin air. Sitting on the front porch, my eyes closed, telling Brenda May all my hopes and dreams, my private aspirations for the future. Somewhere in the midst of my musings, Brenda May must have gotten hungry or sleepy … or bored.

Finally I asked what she was thinking, and no response came. Just silence. That’s when I opened my eyes and discovered I was alone, except for Gramps, the old blue tick hound down at the other end of the porch, who was eyeing me soberly. Except for him, I’d been talking into a vacuum. Believe me, vacuum sucks.

You ever do that? Ever just open up and pour out all your hopes and dreams, your fears for the future, your learnings from the past? But then you look around, and nobody’s paying you any attention at all. They’re just going about their daily business, giving you scarcely a glance.

Ever feel like that?

I do sometimes. A lot of bloggers do, I’ll bet. To get an idea of what I mean, go to any blog and take a look at the number of posts and compare that to the number of comments. That’s a pretty good indicator of how many readers feel a connection with that blogger and his posts.

Take for example. 98 posts versus 7 comments. That’s a 7.1% comment ratio. Fairly low. But typical of many, many blogs.

When we see a ratio that low, it means that either the blogger is not a very interesting writer, or he’s writing about the wrong stuff, presenting material his readers don’t much care about.

So I ask you straight. Which is it?

Am I off the mark, bringing you things that don’t really click for you?

Or am I just boring?

I invite you to tell me in the comments section below, because my old dog Gramps just won’t say. If 2-Be is bringing you impractical stuff (or topics that are wrong for you), tell me what you would like. Or, maybe it’s all just boring the living spit out of you. If so, what are you doing reading this anyway?

Speak to me.

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