Relaxing – the Forgotten Skill

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Almost everything we do is habit based. Maybe you know somebody who likes to sleep late. If so, then they probably do it often. In other words, it’s a habit they’ve cultivated. Of course, early risers are exactly the same… rising before the sun comes up is a habit too (although at first glance this habit looks like it’s the opposite).

Another common habit is being tense all the time. Fortunately, since it’s only a habit, it’s not all that hard to change. If you find yourself being tense a lot, and you’d like to re-train that habit, you can end up with the ability to relax at will – anywhere, anytime.


This hypnosis recording is for you. Simply listen to it once or twice a day for a few weeks (because building a new habit is simple – it only takes repetition). Stick with it for a while, and all your friends will end up wondering how you became so much more laid back and relaxed when everybody else is running off in all directions.

– Waking Up Who You Want to Be