Retiring Your Fears

fear view mirrorI remember reading somewhere, Words, said with certainty, can alter our beliefs.”

I really like that. Getting a client to put their own words together with their own actions is a great way to teach them DIY confidence.

About that thing I do, it’s similar to the way a hypnotist will place your pain in a blind spot, except I use it on fear, reluctance or lack of motivation.

It actually started when a friend reminded me how much, back in high school, I used to dread picking up the phone and calling anybody… even if I knew them, even if they were expecting me to call. Now, of course, phone calls are not an issue. In fact, I had totally forgotten it ever even happened.

And that reminded me of all sorts of other things that had seemed like such big, frightening deals at the time then gradually faded away with repeated exposure. There were rather a lot of them, from the first time I asked a girl out on a date, to taking my first door-to-door sales job, to sending out my first email newsletter, to… well… you get the idea. But every one of these formerly scary issues had died and faded to nothing in my past.

I started a short list of things that had once intimidated me and now didn’t.

So, when something new intimidates me or makes me question whether I’m up to the challenge, I just mentally replay that list and regain that feeling of accomplishment.

Then I imagine what it’ll feel like when this current fear has also long since disappeared behind me. And that feeling of relief tends to stay with me. Naturally, if I need to repeat it occasionally to top up the feeling, then I do.

Originally I thought of this method as my “fear cemetery,” but now I call it my “fear view mirror.

Cheers from sunny Japan,

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