Stepping into the Realm of Uncertainty

Living is a do-it-yourself project. At birth we were given our life, and in the course of that life, we’ve encountered circumstances, people, events.

What we make of them – and of ourselves – has been left entirely up to us. But there are certain people and certain organizations who see what we’re doing and may not like the direction we’re headed in. Some of them might even feel they have the right to step in and direct our life for us.

You know the ones I mean. They’re the people who try and teach us phrases like:

  • The deck was stacked against me from the start
  • You don’t know the troubles I’ve been dragged through
  • My mother/father/siblings hated me
  • I’m painfully shy
  • I have this or that medical condition
  • I have this or that disability
  • I’m too young/too old/too middle-aged
  • With luck like mine, there’s no use trying
  • And on and on

In short, they’re trying to share with us their own favorite excuses for just giving up.

Now, anything can be used as an excuse if we’re looking for one.

But for every person with an excuse for not achieving anything, there are tons more who just get up and get on with it. They don’t listen to their mind when it whispers, “Oh, you can’t do that because …. ”

Instead they stand up tall and tell their mind what’s real and what’s not. You see, they know a secret: they understand that you can choose what you believe about yourself and about your life.

That’s right, they choose their beliefs, consciously and deliberately. Actively and confidently. Unswayed by those who “know better”.

But understand this: our Universe has more to give you than you will ever think to ask. It’s just hanging out waiting for a word from you.

We exist in an endless roiling cloud of possibility where our lives flicker for a only a moment, riding a wave that comes to us out of an unknowable eternity and rolls on into eternity. Your life and mine are, as Arthur Koestler would call it, ‘a shrug of eternity’.

But it’s our shrug, and we are free to do with it what we choose (there’s that word again).

How many times have you heard somebody say, “I try to do affirmations (or prayers, or meditations, or self hypnosis), but I always feel like I’m lying to myself. You have to believe it first before it’ll work.”

They’re right, by the way, but fortunately, building your beliefs is the easiest part of your job.

So over the next weeks and months I’ll be bringing you a series of articles and talks in which we’ll go into this topic in greater depth. We’ll be taking a long look at how you choose your goals. How you choose your friends. How you choose their impact on you, and more importantly, your impact on them.

And most important of all, how you can deliberately choose your deepest, most fundamental beliefs. Yes, you can simply switch off old beliefs if you find they don’t serve you any longer. You can also create new ones, then fine-tune them to custom craft how you meet and deal with everything in your life.

We’ll occasionally step over the edge of uncertainty into chaos, a domain of incalculable plenty, and we’ll draw from it whatever we hold firmly in our minds. In this way, we will bring order out of chaos itself.

In other words, we’re going to be entering, gently and safely, into the Realm of Uncertainty. Here, you’ll find that it’s a fairly simple thing, waking up who you want to be.

Cheers from sunny Japan,

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