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Which Comes First, the Change or the Insight?

Milton Erickson - Insight to change

Quotes are a great shortcut into a person’s mind. Here’s a quick glimpse into mine. So maybe you can guess where I stand on the question of insight versus action.

Quotes are a great shortcut into a person’s mind. Read a selection of the thoughts and ideas they value, and you have a summary of how they think; which concepts and values guide them day-by-day, hour-by-hour. Here’s a quick glimpse into my own reality.

Milton Erickson said, “Change will lead to insight far more often than insight will lead to change.” And who was this Erickson guy? An American psychiatrist and hypnotist who specialized in family therapy. In his practice he saw a lot of change come and go. And he knew that insights are knowing where the accelerator pedal and gear shift are, but action, making things happen, is grabbing the shift lever, throwing it into gear, and stomping the gas.

New insights will change your world view. But new actions will change where you are in your world.

Now go reread your collection of favorite quotes. What’s their main theme, their mood and promise? Pessimistic and cynical or glowing and uplifting. What do  they say about you?
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Getting Stirred Up Isn’t Growth

Excitement Isn't Realization


There’s a reason why many politicians, preachers and pos-think gurus fire up their energy to a fever pitch before unleashing it on their audiences. It impresses. It gets immediate attention, usually uncritical attention, and the audience gets focused and swept away by the excitement. When we’re cranked up on adrenalin and dopamine, we’re much less likely to question things, less likely to carefully examine the ideas and information being handed to us.

What Problems Bring to You

The Human Template

A Humankind You Can’t Yet Imagine

But let’s try. Imagine that there is a complete, incredibly complex set of “instructions” or guidelines for being human. This is not a new concept. In ages past, it was referred to as the Akash. Now it is sometimes called the human genome. I think of it a giant template that incorporates limitless options for every area of your being.

Tyson’s Secret

Hypnosis - the secret of Tyson's fierceness

Now retired, former boxer Mike Tyson was professionally hypnotised before his fights to ensure he was as ferocious as possible in the ring.

Tyson won his first 19 fights by knockout after becoming a professional boxer at the age of 18. In the process, he developed a reputation as a particularly vicious and aggressive fighter, who would quickly bear down on opponents at the first bell.

Taking Permanent Control of Your Moods

Your Mental State Is in Your Hands

I sure do hope you’re not typical … because the typical person has little control over how they’ll feel when they get up tomorrow.

Most days, they feel like a pinball. They crawl out of bed expecting that — again today — they’re going to be bounced from one obstacle to another, pushed this way and that, and rolled helplessly into an unending stream of unexpected experiences.

Control Your Words — Control Your Destiny


Mike had run into a stubborn little glitch with his affirmations. “When I say the word ‘productive,’ he told me, “I get a little spike of self-doubt.”

Each time Mike affirmed that he was productive, it stirred up in him a deep feeling of mis-match — what psychologists call cognitive dissonance. This basically means he was trying to believe two things that contradict each other. At the gut level, Mike “knew” that he was UN-productive, so strong doubts came welling up within him.

Balking at Self-Change

Still Fighting the Changes You Really Want?

Most of us want things to be better in our lives. But then, when the opportunity for change comes, we may fight against the very things we say we want.

My friend Joanne had decided to have a large storage shed built in her back yard. She had even hired the contractor and paid him a sizeable deposit. The problem started when he asked where, exactly, did she want it located.