The Human Template

A Humankind You Can’t Yet Imagine

But let’s try. Imagine that there is a complete, incredibly complex set of “instructions” or guidelines for being human. This is not a new concept. In ages past, it was referred to as the Akash. Now it is sometimes called the human genome. I think of it a giant template that incorporates limitless options for every area of your being.

The human genome could be thought of as a set of standard instructions like the inborn instincts of birds and other animals. These instructions form a sort of template for being a human.

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For example, horses are born knowing how to walk and within minutes newly foaled colts are up and wobbling around on four feet. Humans, on the other hand, don’t get the instant walking abilities. Instead they are born with the more long-term potential for language, complex organization, and advanced tool creation. Those abilities are slower to develop than the colt’s walking or a bird’s flying, but they can be developed to a much greater degree.

It helps to think of these abilities, these instincts, as a template. And like the animals, we all get to use the template, but until recently, it was thought that some people get more of one thing, less of another, and that these limits were mostly fixed from birth. Think race horses versus plough horses; canaries versus vultures; greyhounds versus bloodhounds. However, just for the heck of it, let’s question that assumption. What if we all get far more than we know. And I’m not talking just twice as much of this, three times as much of that. What if our human template is nearly limitless, offering us access to hundreds, thousands, millions of times greater abilities. Abilities we may not have even imagined yet.

Hmmmm… What If?

In an earlier post (Downloading Intelligence) I wrote about DTI, or Deep Trance Identification, which is the importing of new skills, mindsets and talents from other people. You choose people who already have and are successfully using the qualities you want to gain, and imagine that they are sharing their qualities with you. It enables you to use those qualities as your own, literally importing their skills, thinking and behaviour. It’s a template that allows you to model new skills easily, quickly and very little learning-curve stress.

What we’re talking about today, however, is the human template. It’s bigger, more vast, more complete than even the most ambitious skill-oriented template.

Now, I could go on and on, giving you theories and facts and information, but theories, facts and information don’t change lives. Although they set the stage for change, true life alterations come from experiences.

So let’s experience. Below is a guided meditation that lightly touches down into the human template for a look around. I’ve kept it generic, just to give you a chance to briefly orient yourself and get familiar with the whole idea. You can listen to it online, or download it and listen when you have some down time.

Sit quietly through this meditation two or three times, then begin doing parts of it by yourself, using it as a jumping off point to explore and delve deeper into the template and to begin expanding the boundaries enclosing and limiting what and who “you” are.

Oh, and I should also say this: if you’re intending to listen while you wash dishes, go running, watch television, or – God forbid – drive, don’t bother. Just close this window or this tab and go do what you need to do. And give IT your full attention. Divided attention, multi-tasking, is part of the problem this meditation is intended to help you solve. Then if you ever feel ready to just sit down and listen, just sit down and listen.


The Human Template – Guided Meditation.

Enjoy the following recording. Download it if you like and listen to it often. However, once you’re familiar with the experience, be sure to start going there on your own so you can spend time exploring some of the out-of-the-way nooks and corners in your template. This is your blueprint, your vast expanse of potentials.


In future recordings, when we work with this concept further, it will make things easier if you’ve already developed a bit of familiarity with your own template. So dive in now and enjoy to your heart’s content.

Cheers from sunny Japan,

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