Too Little Too Late? Phooie!

Ran across two things today within sixty seconds of each other.

First was the graphic on the left. Now, I like this kind of art … always have. If it’s eye catching and says something meaningful, ironic, funny or constructive, I’ll probably enjoy it. And this one, from Lori Deschene’s, said exactly what I wanted to hear this morning.

Some folks assume that their expiration date is hopelessly close and begin to act like they’re in their final days – even though those final days might go on for years longer than expected.

It’s like they have quit, have laid down in a long box, and are just waiting for the embalmer to arrive. You know the kind of stuff they tell themselves:

  • I don’t have enough time left for that
  • Oh, that’s for young people
  • I just don’t feel up to it, you know
  • It’d make me miss my programs
  • My kids wouldn’t want me to do that

Ninety-one year old gymnast Johanna Quass seems immune to that sort of stuff.

I tend to be pretty forward-looking, but at age 74, I’m in a social circle that has also become “of a certain age.” So there’s always the temptation to let old thinking seep in through the cracks.

Well, this morning, I spied that graphic, and about a minute later the following YouTube video wandered by.

Just watch it. I think you’ll instantly understand its appeal. Inspiration is a wonderful thing, and it’s anywhere you find it.

Equally great are the reactions of these young gymnasts as they watch.

So I invite you to travel with me on the road that just keeps going, and going, and ….

Cheers from sunny Japan,