Upgrading You – The Talk

The six realm journey meditation

On September 5th, a small private group of members met by phone for an hour to talk about upgrading one’s self. Here’s one guided meditation from that talk:

Brief Overview 

The traditional lines that in the past have sometimes separated healing, self help and Law of Attraction have begun to blur. We have thought of self help as mainly for relationships and finances, while healing seemed more geared toward fixing our body or un-glitching our emotions.

Then there’s this whole Law of Attraction thing. Things just aren’t as distinct and separated as they used to be. We’ve got people using LOA to get a new (or bigger) house, find a loving new man (or woman), get raises, win lotteries, and restore damaged health.

On the one hand, I like this blurring. It’s good to have options available, but what often happens is, we hear about a glittering new technique and we grab it up and begin using it, our eyes firmly on the payoff we want to get. But being so eager to start, we can forget that any technique is just that, a skill that needs to be learned.

When it comes to self help or spiritual work of any kind, it’s common to pay little attention to the qualifications we bring to the task of managing a changed reality. Qualifications would include things like
…….• The maturity to select requests that harm no others
…….• Some ability to focus the mind and concentrate
…….• Enough self worth to keep the gains we do attract

A lack of maturity could have us selfishly attracting things that cause distress to a friend or family member. On the other hand, weak concentration will be a wash – it’ll make any attraction work a waste of time. But if we do have some success, without self worth, our benefits will slip right through our fingers.

The 6 Realm Journey

For those reasons, I’ve recorded this guided meditation to help you foster a broader, less limited perception of your self, your life, and a couple of the non-linear dimensions in which your spirit lives.


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