Which Comes First, the Change or the Insight?

Milton Erickson - Insight to change

Quotes are a great shortcut into a person’s mind. Here’s a quick glimpse into mine. So maybe you can guess where I stand on the question of insight versus action.

Quotes are a great shortcut into a person’s mind. Read a selection of the thoughts and ideas they value, and you have a summary of how they think; which concepts and values guide them day-by-day, hour-by-hour. Here’s a quick glimpse into my own reality.

Milton Erickson said, “Change will lead to insight far more often than insight will lead to change.” And who was this Erickson guy? An American psychiatrist and hypnotist who specialized in family therapy. In his practice he saw a lot of change come and go. And he knew that insights are knowing where the accelerator pedal and gear shift are, but action, making things happen, is grabbing the shift lever, throwing it into gear, and stomping the gas.

New insights will change your world view. But new actions will change where you are in your world.

Now go reread your collection of favorite quotes. What’s their main theme, their mood and promise? Pessimistic and cynical or glowing and uplifting. What do  they say about you?
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