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Weight Loss with Hypnosis/Self Hypnosis

So you’ve thought about losing a bit of weight. Well, if you go to and do a search for weight loss, you’ll find dozens — maybe hundreds — of free “hypnosis” videos. I’ve found, however, that many of them are poor quality.

The four¬†videos below do measure up to professional standards. If you’ll take any one of these and play it, preferably twice a day, and don’t stop, you can expect to see results.

A small reminder … it’s true that some people do start seeing results within days, but others take longer. Dave, a friend of mine, bought a weight loss CD and started listening to it mornings and evenings. Nothing seemed to be happening at first, so he just kept right on listening.

A month went by, then two months with no results. So he just kept on listening.

Three months, then four months. By now his friends were chuckling at Dave and ribbing him about how “powerful” that hypnosis CD was. But he just kept right on listening.

And in the fourth month, the weight simply started to melt off of Dave. Over the next few months he actually lost nearly 80 pounds. Even better, his eating habits totally changed and he began exercising — and enjoying it.

The funny thing was, he said, he never did try to change. It just happened. All because he was patient and kept on listening to his CD. Somehow his tastes in foods and his feelings about workouts all shifted with no conscious effort on his part.

So if you’ve been thinking about shedding some weight, changing your diet, or getting into a little better shape, pick one (or more) of the free recordings below and use it every day for six months. Then, when you’ve become the new, thinner you, come on back and leave us a comment below. We all love a success story.

1. Free Weight Loss Hypnosis Video

— Playing time: 16:31

This free weight loss hypnosis videos is brought to you by HypnoBusters and Free Hypnosis Treatment.

It has been recorded by clinical hypnotherapist Jon Rhodes DHyp and contains a free fifteen minute weight loss hypnosis session.

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Download the MP3: click here


2. Free Weight Loss Self Hypnosis Session

— Playing time: 25:51

This weight loss hypnosis session, is packed with thought and behaviour changing suggestions that will make losing weight seem easy and natural.

Weight Loss Challenge

I have created a free 30-day weight loss challenge to go along with this hypnosis session. This challenge will teach you techniques which will help you to lose weight and keep it off. To learn more about this challenge and to start losing weight today visit

3. Weight Loss Hypnosis

— Playing time: 10:01

Enjoy this short weight loss session. It’s a free weight loss session.

4. Amazing Hypno Quickie-hypnosis for weight loss, hypnotic diet help

— Playing time: 5:01

Fun and free, hypnosis can make you thin. More help here: Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter so you can get more FREE hypno help to change your brain. Wendi Friesen will Hypnotize you daily and make you feel great.