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Making decisions Is Murder

Go to one restaurant tonight, and there are all those other great eateries you can’t enjoy. Deciding FOR one thing means you’re deciding AGAINST everything else.

For example, you decide to take one job, and you turn your back on a whole host of other career moves. Until you choose one thing, everything is possible – everything is yours (potentially). In fact, until the moment of decision, you are fabulously rich with all that vast, unclaimed potential. 

But the moment you choose one thing, you literally kill the hundreds of others that might be just as good (or better).

Some people hate making decisions, agonize over them, take days and weeks to make the simplest choices. And I’m convinced it’s because they unconsciously sense how much they’re giving up, while at the same time they’re minimizing the value of what they’re gaining.

Now, regarding all those wonderful things you choose not to do – are they gone forever, swept away into the past by the rushing swirl of time? Common sense says yes, it’s all gone. You can never reclaim yesterday. Everybody knows that.

But common sense has been mistaken before.

Common sense once told us the world was flat. It assured us that humans would never fly, that we’d never talk with someone thousands of miles away, and that once a musician’s performance was finished, it was forever gone.

Common sense has told us many things that turned out to be untrue – or true only in special cases:
…….What goes up must come down (unless it goes up far enough)
…….The shortest distance between two points is a straight line (except on a globe, or in warped space)
…….Women have fewer teeth than men (wise old Aristotle offered us that one)

And on and on…

So what about the paths we DON’T take? The choices we don’t make? Are they REALLY gone forever, useless except as fodder for our fantasies?

Well… everybody SAYS they’re gone for good…

But what if they aren’t? What if there were a way you could reclaim many of those “lost” experiences (without becoming a babbling schizo)?

Whole libraries of books, of course, tell us what is possible, but the books don’t have much to say about reclaiming potential events that never actually happened.

Well, I invite you, for a moment, to join me in thinking outside the books.

A while back I entered my seventies. Oh, it wasn’t really a shock … not a total shock, anyway. It’s been a long time coming. But I still feel as though I’ve passed a significant milestone of sorts. The common perception is that I’m an old guy now. A geezer.

And I’ve noticed that most people, when they reach a certain age, spend increasing amounts of their time looking back, often more wistfully than not.

“Oh, how I wish I’d entered that other career… married that other partner… taken more chances… loved my children more… been more patient with myself….”

This list of regrets stretches past the moon.

One thing you’ll notice: people almost never regret the things they’ve done. But they DO regret the hell out of all those things they didn’t do.

“Man, I wish I had learned to water ski… climbed that mountain… started my own business… taken better care of my health… seen more of this dazzling world I live in….”

Every so often we read about some senior citizen who goes back to college in their 70s or 80s to earn a degree. Or others who are still climbing mountains, skydiving or competing in sports at advanced ages. These are news exactly because they are so uncommon. Most old people are… well… old.

The way we know they are old is all the things they don’t do anymore. They don’t do sports. They don’t run and jump and play. They sit a lot.

But by that definition, an awful lot of young people are old. Does that describe you? Think about it. Youth is not age, they say. Youth is active, adventurous and playful.

So … are you?

If not, you might want to spend some time thinking about WHY you’re not.

But that’s the future. Let’s talk a bit more about the past, and all the neat things you can do with it.

Every time you make a decision, it represents a fork in your road. You could go left, or you could go right. You could slow down, speed up, or maintain the same speed. Every one of those alternatives represents a valid, viable path you could have taken through time, but didn’t.

And many researchers believe that each one of those paths diverges from our “mainstream” universe to become a new “alternate reality” or what the science fiction movies call a “parallel universe.”

Now, this may all sound weird and goofy, but bear with me, we’re about to get even weirder.

Most people, if they think about these alternate events at all, tend to think in terms of lines that split off. In other words, each decision spawns a new alternate universe.

It may not be quite like that, however. It’s possible that events are not really strung together like pearls on a chain.

It’s plausible, mathematically, that each event, each decision, is a separate, discrete entity. The only thing that strings them together is your consciousness selecting each event, one after another, and drawing them out from the vast universe of possibilities.

In that case, we wouldn’t have time lines at all. Rather than running on tracks, we’d be more like a boat bobbing around in the sea of water molecules. All those events we pass through are the water molecules in our sea of time.

I once heard Deepak Chopra, in an interview with Tony Robbins, refer to this sea of potential events as “quantum soup.”

Think of it this way. You take a big bucket full of powdered cement, you pour in water and sand, then you mix it all up. At this point, what you’ve got is wet concrete – a shapeless, amorphous slurry.

But once you pour it into a mold, that concrete takes on the form of the mold itself, and as it hardens it becomes a patio, stair steps, or the wall of an apartment building. It can be anything.

This quantum soup does the same thing. And your mind is what gives it form. You take only the things you want from out of that vast soup of possibilities, bring it into reality, and there you have the life you choose – one decision at a time. You’ve cast it from the quantum slurry – the quantum soup.

I hope you’re still with me, because we’re just getting to the exciting part.

If there are no “time lines” through the quantum soup, then you could just as easily go from this moment to any other possible moment in this universe. This present moment is not connected ONLY to the moment you think comes next. You COULD go anywhere.

Since this is quantum theory, any possible event could come next, no matter how “unrelated” to your course up till now. There’s no far or near. Everything could be next.

You could be connected to any other moment in all of that quantum soup. If you’re sick now, the next moment you could be in perfect health. Lonely? In the next moment, you could be loved and secure. Broke? It’s only one brief step to riches beyond your wildest imaginings.

Some changes seem less “probable” than others, however, because we’ve been well trained to think in terms of cause-and-effect. “Logical” sequences of events. Some events seem “harder” so they take more time to come into being.

I think it was Francis Bacon who said, “Everything is possible, but not everything is allowed.” What he didn’t say, however, is who decides what’s allowed.

In fact it is you. And me. It’s a vastly complex image or template with all the possibilities available to the human race. That template is sitting there and our minds draw from the template the things related to the life we are intending to live.

Each person, based upon his or her own cultural conditioning, “knows” how time should behave, “knows” what’s hard and what’s easy.

So lots of things are simply impossible to us. Because we THINK they are. And we think they’re impossible because we’ve been told so. After all, isn’t common sense the sum total of all the stuff we’ve been told, all through our lives?

There are few miracles… common sense tells us that.

But the fact is, if there was ever a miracle anywhere, anytime, there can be miracles right here and right now.

What’s the secret of getting your miracles?

You already know the answer. It’s faith.

Unquestioning belief.

Absolute certainty that what you expect to happen WILL happen. But getting your grip on faith… that’s the real trick, isn’t it?

Every spiritual teacher who ever walked this earth has told us in plain language how to revolutionize our own personal reality.

We hear the words, then instead of heeding them, we kneel and worship the man who told us. Because he’s “different” from us. He’s holy. He’s anointed. He’s God in man. He has all these powers we don’t.

Confucius said, “The master points at the moon and the imbecile looks at the pointing finger.”

Wasn’t it the Buddha who reportedly said, “If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.”

He’s not inciting us to commit murder. He’s telling us to stop looking for the truth in somebody else. Real meaning of this: we must kill that urge within ourselves that looks to others for power. We must realize that all power is within ourselves.

In the Christian Bible, Jesus reportedly told the religious leaders of the day that you can’t SEE a physical kingdom of God because “the kingdom of God is within.” (Luke 17:20-21)

The way to find faith is to look for it exactly where you’ve always been told you’ll find it. Inside yourself.

For years, I’d hear the words “look within” but I didn’t know how to do that. Worse, I didn’t even know what I might be seeking.

I finally realized that it won’t feel like you’re “finding” what you’re looking for. It’ll feel like you’re creating it with your imagination.

Your imagination (otherwise known as your intuition) is your interface with that vast sea of potential events swimming free in the quantum soup.

You know all those self-help books you’ve read – all those personal development books – and all those tapes, seminars and courses you’ve studied to learn how to improve your life?

They’ve all told you one thing. Decide what you want. Hold it firmly in your thoughts. Never waver. KNOW that you’ll achieve your aim.

If those techniques haven’t been very dependable for you in the past, here’s why: you thought the things you were aiming for were “too far off your track,” too far out of reach. You knew they were possible, but they weren’t allowed for you. And it was you that didn’t allow them.

Now you’ve got a different model, one that is far more fluid and allows far greater jumps because you’re not confined to what’s “possible.”

Now you know: ANYTHING is possible.

And whatever you desire, find it – really find it – within yourself, and it’s yours.


Cheers from sunny Japan,

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